About Us

Room Mates Pool and Spa is a family-owned local business serving Cape Girardeau Missouri and the surrounding areas for over 40 years. Why the name Room Mates? When our company first began, we were providing customers with the choice to sleep on water. We carried waterbeds and matching items to go with your new waterbed, hence “Room Mates.” Then the lightbulb came on, “If we can provide a way to sleep on water, why not offer a way to play in water?” and our story continued. We then found ourselves wondering, “What do we do for our customers when they can’t be outside swimming or are not sleeping in bed? Better yet what about the winter?” Thus, began our indoor and chilly night product fun, beginning with the addition of spas and billiards. Today we continue the journey and have far exceeded in just finding “Room Mates.” For our customers, we help them find “Home Mates.” For indoor and outdoor fun, “We are your destination for relaxation.” Find out why customers are having more FUN with Room Mates.